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Wingin It

WINGIN IT is the duo of Robert Halim Friedman and Vakila ter Veld - partners for over twenty years - whose original sound defines the Northern California Sound: Folk-rock on a reggae foundation. Backed up in live concert by bass and percussion and including keyboards with additional guitar work on their studio debut, "Attunement", their original lyrics present Sufi mysticism, social justice themes, nature and love mixed with lively rhythms.

Halim has played various instruments in rock bands since his teens, and as a solo and ensemble guitarist since the 1970's. Vakila has been writing and singing throughout her life. Some years back, the two of them began to sing and play at regular private jam sessions with country and bluegrass musicians. Then their spiritual path of Sufism began to mature - and Bob Marley and his music tumbled into their lives. From that experience, many of the songs of "Attunement" came into being.

Their performances at various Northern California venues over the past seven years began with open mic shows at various clubs. People wanted to hear more and they were invited to play at more extended venues which by now have included the Fillmore in San Francisco, Earth Dance Festival, Harmony Festival, Solfest, Sierra Nevada World Music Festival and other concerts, events, and radio programs.

They joined with Sukhawat Ali Khan - the internationally acclaimed Sufi qawwali singer - for shows in 2006 and were heard performing with his band into 2008 as well as showcasing the first part of The Wingin It Experience concerts.

Wingin It's debut studio cd "Attunement" was released worldwide on July 24, 2007. The 15 tracks of "Attunement" represent 70 minutes of harmony and reggae, folk and rock. The cd is licensed through Megawave Records and distributed in the USA and Canada through Innovative Distribution Network, a division of Alliance Entertainment Corporation and in the European Union countries through Membran Gmbh

Wingin It's name is derived from the image of the heart with wings soaring toward its true source of Being, which the Sufis call "Beloved." Wingin It is a name which signifies the spirit path of One Love, Harmony and Beauty.



     I love this CD - It's truly special and gives me Grateful Dead motions.  15 tracks here from the Northern California IRIE sounds of love conscious and mystics!!!

Selassie 309 (an eBay guy)


      Their devotion to Bob Marley is not merely musical.  They have some fidelity to his spiritual leanings, which they mix up with their Sufi faith, so that both "Jah" and "Allah" (along with "God") get name-checked frequently.  Their songs combine romantic and spiritual love as twin themes, not that it seems to matter, since it's all "one love".                      William Ruhlmann, All Music Guide

       (It) can simply be enjoyed in its entirety as reggae-meets-America-meets-Neil Young. World music influence can be heard as well.   Attunement is a pleasant journey toward enlightenment that uses hi-lo harmony to accentuate the folk and reggae groove. The clean production offers crisp acoustic strums amidst the mystic mix, with drums, percussion, bass and keyboards. As the CD packaging informs me, these songs "define the Northern California sound", and who am I to disagree?

Paul Schultz, The Trades


What people are saying about Wingin It:


"Your contribution to Earthfair was outstanding. I felt very fortunate and honored that you took the time and effort to come out and kick it on our stage. You’re both awesome musicians and I was really stoked to hear you perform"

 Pete Welch, Director, Vashon Island Earthfair

"Thanks for the album with its nice, folksy feel. All best wishes as you bring the message to the Northwest"

 Roger Steffans, Bob Marley biographer

"Heard (Attunement). Gorgeous. I was especially taken with your lovely version of Brother Warrior. I put it right
on my computer so I can play it in the Camp Winnarainbow office while I'm working. I hope many people can enjoy it"

 Jahanara Romney, Co-Director (with Wavy Gravy) of Camp Winnarainbow



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